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How To Customize Your Site

Editing this basic template to meet your needs.

As well as creating a great-looking overall design (page layout) for your site, these templates give you a head-start with a basic preset site structure. The pages contained within these templates are really just to give you a starting point, and also some copy that you can begin to work with - right off the bat.

All you need to do to edit the pages, is add some more content of your own, set appropriate keywords and publish. A super way to get your site live in double-quick time.


About This Template

This particular template is a 'simple' design, and has been designed so that the text elements will be very easy to edit (just by accessing the designer for the relevant panel).

Should you wish to change the graphical header, simply replace the image in the relevant panel settings, taking care to ensure the image dimensions are exactly the same.